Saturday 9 December 2023 | Kartik Vad 12, Samvat 2080

Sat 9 Dec 2023

Welcome Ceremony Bhakti Sangeet Patotsav

On July 14th, 2022, Shree Swaminarayan Temple California held a welcome ceremony for Acharya Shree Jitendriyapriyadasji Swamiji Maharaj. The ceremony commenced as Acharya Swamiji Maharaj resided upon a vehicle and disciples chanted religious hymns to celebrate His Holiness' arrival. Upon Acharya Swamiji Maharaj's arrival to the Temple Hall, disciples performed poojan of His Holiness.

Disciples celebrated this auspicious event as Acharya Swamiji Maharaj entered the California Temple for the first time as our Sansthan's Acharya. Acharya Swamiji Maharaj performed kalash darshan and poojan of Ved Ratna Acharya Swamishree Maharaj before residing upon the Gadi.

On evening of July 16th, 2022, disciples held a bhakti sangeet event in the presence of Acharya Swamiji Maharaj and sants at the California Temple. The program displayed both younger and older disciples beautifully singing kirtans for the entire sabha to gleefully listen.

On July 17, 2022, Shree Swaminarayan Temple California celebrated its 10th anniversary in the presence of Acharya Swamiji Maharaj and sants. 10 years ago, Ved Ratna Acharya Swamishree Maharaj performed the divine idol installation ceremony of Lord Shree Swaminarayan, Jeevanpran Shree Abji Bapashree, and Jeevanpran Shree Muktajeevan Swamibapa at this beautiful temple. In accordance to traditions, Acharya Swamiji Maharaj led the patotsav celebrations for the first time at the Virginia Temple.

After mangla aarti, Acharya Swamiji Maharaj performed poojan to Shree Ganpatiji and Shree Hanumanji's murtis. Afterwards, Acharya Swamiji Maharaj commenced the shodshopchaar poojan of Lord Shree Swaminarayanbapa Swamibapa. During the poojan, sants and disciples chanted the sacred 108 names of Lord Shree Swaminarayanbapa Swamibapa and the mahamantra together. 

A grand annakut was then offered to Lord Swaminarayanbapa Swamibapa. After the annakut was prepared, Acharya Swamiji Maharaj and eminent sants performed aarti of Lord Shree Swaminarayan and the annakut darshan. Disciples also performed aarti of Lord Shree Swaminarayan and the annakut as well. Acharya Swamiji Maharaj proceeded by blessing the audience with aashirwad. Following the aashirwad, disciples were given a chance to perform darshan of Acharya Swamiji Maharaj. The event then concluded with prashad offered to all in attendance.