Saturday 26 November 2022 | Magsar Sud 3, Samvat 2079

Sat 26 Nov 2022


The Swaminarayan Faith promotes community service and the helping of others to benefit humanity. In accordance with this, Shree Swaminarayan Temple, New Jersey held a visa camp on Saturday May 12th, 2007.

The Indian Consulate General from New York City came all the way to the temple for the special event. This was the first time the Consulate ever held an assembly outside of New York. During the camp over 300 people from the Indian community of New Jersey were able to obtain visas to India, renew passports, and receive other immigration services without the hassle of having to travel to New York City.

Along with the Indian Consulate General, representatives from Citi Bank attended the camp. The representatives helped open new bank accounts and accepted applications for mortgage and business loans.

Many disciples volunteered at the camp, and the services benefited hundreds of Indian people. The visa camp was yet another successful community service event at the temple.