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India Independence Day - Secaucus, New Jersey

Swamibapa Pipe Band waits to begin the program at Arthur F. Couch Performing Arts Center in Secaucus Hundreds of people gathered and gazed in awe at the unique Swamibapa Pipe Band performing Indian melodies on the bagpipes Many people took pictures and videos to capture the moment Swamibapa Pipe Band marched in a unique formation for the entry
The many dignitaries from all over were escorted into the event by the Swamibapa Pipe Band Swamibapa Pipe Band performed a fifteen-minute stage performance for the audience with a mixture of American and Indian melodies Swamibapa Pipe Band also played the Indian national anthem, “Jana Gana Mana,” during the event Many pipers gathered to celebrate their mother country’s independence day
Pipers of all ages, even as young as ten-years-old, gathered to play at this prestigious event Swamibapa Pipe Band drum major salutes the honorable dignitaries The audience truly enjoyed the Indian melodies The drum major of Swamibapa Pipe Band
Hundreds of individuals from all backgrounds gathered to watch the celebration The drummers added unique beats to accompany the bagpipes The mayor of Secaucus and other dignitaries enjoyed the performance Assemblyman Upendra Chivukula (NJ) and other dignitaries watch as Swamibapa Pipe Band plays
The crowd applauded and chanted joyfully as Swamibapa Pipe Band concluded their performance      

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