2000 units of blood collected over 20 Blood donation sessions held by Shree Swaminarayan Mandir, Kingsbury, helping to change over 6000 lives.

The community has organized and hosted blood sessions since 2009 and to date have collected 2000 units of blood, signed up 700 brand new donors and helped to change over 6,000 lives

Acharya Swamishree Maharaj, the inspirator of the Mandir’s numerous charitable endeavours has explained ‘The donation of blood is the greatest donation that can be given, A person can give immense wealth, but it does note compare to the donation of blood’

The session held on 26th February 2017 saw the Mandir cross its 2,000th unit mark. Over the last 9 years members of the local community which includes synagogues, churches, gurudwara’s and other faith groups have united to perform these selfless acts in the true spirit of kindness to help others in need. 

Bhavesh Varsani a 20 time donor said ‘It’s great to be celebrating my 20th donation at the mandir’s 20th session. There are fantastic nurses, an inspiring community and a stunning venue to visit. Long may their amazing work to encourage more people from all backgrounds to donate continue. It’s simple, easy and costs nothing to help save lives, so sign yourself up to a session near you’.

Amit Ghelani, a blood recipient and a NHS ambassador spoke to the donors of his gratitude at the anonymous gift of life he receives every three weeks when he undergoes blood transfusions for the treatment of thalassemia. 

To mark the occasion, a regular donor, Bhavna Pathani, baked two amazing cakes and explained ‘I was delighted to provide celebration cakes for all the amazing donors and the incredible NHS staff at Kingsbury Mandir who tirelessly work to help save lives’.

Sewa Day Trustee, Manoj Ladwa attended the event and explained that ‘These blood donation camps are truly special. By giving blood you are giving people the opportunity of life and all the helpers and nurses here today through volunteering you are giving society a very valuable thing which is time’.

Sewa Day will be hosting a month long campaign to encourage more people from BAME backgrounds to donate, for more information please visit http://www.sewaday.org/sewa-day-blood-donation-drive/

Session organizer and 55 time donor Muks Rabadia explained ‘Sessions like these give people the opportunity to do something amazing and help to save lives. Over the years we have seen regular donors encourage their friends and family to also donate and it’s wonderful to that our session have seen 700 new donors sign up’ .

The next session will take place on Sunday 18 June 2017, which falls on Father’s Day, a wonderful way to celebrate with your family.

Donors can sign up at www.blood.co.uk (search for sessions in NW9 in the “find a venue” section)