Inspirator: His Divine Holiness Acharya Swamishree Purushottampriyadasji Maharaj    


In the early years, the band consisted merely of a dozen members. Since then, with Jeevanpran Swamibapa's divine blessings and the support and encouragement of its organising body, Shree Swaminarayan Temple, Golders Green, London, the numbers have grown substantially. At present, the band comprises of fifty playing members. They all live in the vicinity of North London but are proud to have their origins in India and are keen that these roots are never forgotten.

Despite being accomplished musicians, the band members all keenly offer their services to the band without any wish of pay or redemption for their time and effort. They all willingly give up their valuable time twice a week to attend practices at the London Temple. The members' only aim is to please Lord Swaminarayanbapa Swamibapa and HDH Acharya Swamishree, and through this devotion (bhakti), attain Their divine blessings.

Pipers   Drum Majors
Amit Ravindra Vekaria Kalyan Naran Ratna
Ashwin Harish Kerai Narhari Parbat Khimani
Dharmendra Nanji Patel Ravindra Mavji Vekaria
Dinesh Ramesh Halai  
Dipak Kalyan Ratna Bass
Gaurav Jitu Halai Davendra Parbat Khimani
Gopal Karsan Bhudia (Pipe Major) Mukesh Govind Rabadia
Kashyap Devji Varsani  
Kausik Naran Pindoria Tenors
Mahesh Premji Varsani Anant Jetha Savani
Mahesh Vasudev Varsani Jagnesh Gopal Gami
Mukund Govind Gami Jayesh Govind Khokhrai
Naran Karsan Bhudia Jignesh Narendra Varsani
Nitin Jitu Halai Nitin Mavji Patel
Paras Vasant Khimani Pankaj Shantilal Bhudia
Paresh Hirji Kerai Sailesh Lalji Pindolia
Piyush Naran Pindolia Suryakant Khimji Dabasia
Praful Premji Halai  
Pragnesh Kishor Pindoria Snares
Pravin Karsan Bhudia Bharat Shivji Khokhrai
Raju Ramesh Varsani Chandu Parbat Hirani
Sameer Jetha Savani Davendra Lalit Dabasia
Shashi Parbat Hirani Dinesh Parbat Bhudia
Shashi Vishram Vagadia Kashyap Narendra Varsani
Shrikant Suresh Bhanderi Kirit Ravji Ashani
Trushar Ashok Vekaria Mayur Navin Kerai
Vinod Kanji Pindolia Paresh Govind Kerai
Vinod Shivji Khokhrai Shashi Ravji Gorasia

Previous Members

Ajay Ravji Ashani
Arun Govind Sanghani
Ashwin Murji Kerai
Chandrakant Vishram Vekaria
Devji Kanji Varsani
Devji Ramji Bhudia
Devji Vishram Pindoria
Dhiresh Kalyan Hirani
Dipak Laxman Varsani
Gopal Naran Gami
Govind Vishram Gami
Gunpat Devraj Hirani
Harish Ravji Halai
Harivaden Bhimji Varsani
Jadavji Karsan Hirani
Jayanti Ruda Halai
Kanji Jetha Kerai
Kanji Valji Halai
Karsan Ravji Pindoria
Kirit Govind Mistry
Kishor Mavji Vekaria
Lalji Kanji Pindolia
Manohar Premji Varsani
Mukesh Suresh Bhanderi
Nanji Devraj Varsani 
Nanji Kalyan Patel
Naran Premji Hirani
Naran Samji Pindoria
Naresh Premji Pindoria
Nautam Shivji Pindoria
Navin Kanji Kerai
Navnit Hasmukh Sanghani
Nitin Govind Rabadia
Pankaj Kanti Pindoria
Piyush Harish Kerai
Prakesh Devji Kerai
Pravin Karsan Pindolia
Pravin Karsan Vekaria
Pravin Naran Gami
Pravin Samji Kara
Premji Murji Radabia
Ramesh Jina Jeshani
Ramesh Kalyan Kurji Kara
Ramesh Karsan Sanghani
Ramesh Laxman Varsani
Ravindra Kanti Pindoria
Ravindra Lavji Vekaria
Ravji Devji Ashani
Ravji Kurji Bhudia
Samji Kurji Kara
Shashi Karsan Vagadia
Shivji Lalji Khokhrai
Vasudev Premji Khimani
Vishram Kanji Hirani