Saturday 26 September 2020 | Adhik Aso Sud 10, Samvat 2076

Sat 26 Sep 2020

The poonam of the Shravan month is celebrated as Rakshabandhan, meaning the 'tying of protection'.
In ancient times, decorative threads were charged with spells and mantras and tied on the wrists of one's beloved for protection. A wife would tie such a thread on the wrist of her husband. If a woman tied such a string, it would become the man's duty to protect her, even by risking his own life.

This ritual has evolved to become a sacred festival for brothers and sisters. A sister ties a rakhadi on her brother's right wrist whilst chanting the supreme 'Swaminarayanbapa Swamibapa' mantra. By this, she asks the Lord to protect the both of them. The sister expresses the good wishes of unity between the siblings.

On this day, we also offer rakhadis to the Lord and ask for His protection, and His spiritual strength to enable us to remain obedient to His wishes and commandments.

In Maninagardham, on behalf of all the Sants and disciples, Acharya Swamiji Maharaj tied rakhdis to the Lord and performed Aarti.