The Vaishakh month is generally reserved for the disciples of the Kutch region, as the Mandirs of the Karan Satsang in Kutch all have their patotsavs during this month.


Shree Swaminarayan Mandir Ghanshyamnagar – Amrut Mahotsav - 12-14 May - Vaishakh Vad 10

Day 1 Day 2

Day 3 Morning Day 3 Evening

Day 4 - Patotsav

Kera - 70th Patotsav & Gadi Granth Parayan & Ashirwad on 11th May 2023
Dahisara - Day 4 - Amrut Mahotsav - 71th Patotsav on 14th May 2023 Morning

Gurudev Shree Muktajeevan Swamibapa gave the name Ghanshyamnagar to the outskirt region of Dahisara. Ghanshyamnagar has an important place in the history of our Karan Satsang because it is in this village where Swamibapa established the first Shree Swaminarayan Sidhant Sajivan Mandal. Subsequently, Mandals have flourished all over the world. The aim of each Mandal is to preserve, propagate and practise the sublime, eternal tenets of almighty Lord Shree Swaminarayan, which were perfectly explained by Jeevanpran Shree Abji Bapashree, and which were spread throughout the world by Gurudev Shree Muktajeevan Swamibapa.

In the year Samvat 2008 (1952 CE), Adya Acharya Pravar Jeevanpran Swamibapa installed the divine Murtis of the supreme Lord Swaminarayan and Jeevanpran Bapashree at the newly built Mandir in the village of Ghanshyamnagar, under the auspices of Shree Swaminarayan Sidhant Sajivan Mandal, Ghanshyamnagar.

The Mandir became the village's focus for propagating the true principles of the supreme Lord Swaminarayan, which had been eloquently explained by Jeevanpran Bapashree.

Since then, by the immense mercy and divine blessings of Gurudev Jeevanpran Swamibapa, the inhabitants of this village have prospered immensely.

Ghanshyam Maharaj Amrut Mahotsav.

Exactly 71 years have elapsed since Jeevanpran Swamibapa installed the divine supreme Murtis in the Mandir.

To celebrate this auspicious occasion, with the immense divine blessings and encouragement of His Divine Holiness Acharya Swamiji Maharaj, the disciples of Ghanshyamnagar living all around the world organised a 4 day festival, Shree Ghanshyam Maharaj Amrut Mahotsav, from 11 to 14 May 2023.

The festival comprised of sacred scripture recitals, bhakti sangit, and numerous charity donations given to worthy local causes on behalf of Maninagar Shree Swaminarayan Gadi Sansthan.

Acharya Swamiji Maharaj performed the patotsav ceremony of the Lord presiding in Ghanshyamnagar Mandir on Sunday 14 May 2023. During His divine blessings, Acharya Swamiji Maharaj announced that in 4 year time, Ghanshyamnagar Mandir will reach the milestone of 75 years, and this occasion too will be celebrated with a grand festival.

Kera Patotsav - Thursday 11th May - Vaishakh Vad 6

Kera Patotsav

Kera - 70th Patotsav & Gadi Granth Parayan & Ashirwad on 11th May 2023


From Mankuva, Acharya Swamiji Maharaj travelled to the village of Kera during Sunday afternoon. Gurudev Swamibapa first established a Mandir of the Karan Satsang in Kera on 08 June 1953. Exactly 70 years have passed, and a 2 day function was held to celebrate this occasion. The patotsav ceremony of Kera Mandir was celebrated on Thursday 11 May 2023. During the stay in the village, Acharya Swamiji Maharaj was specially invited to visit the local school and to see many of the other public amenities provided for the welfare of Kera’s inhabitants.

Mankuva Patotsav - Tuesday 9th May - Vaishakh Vad 4

Mankuva Patotsav

Mankuva - 72nd Patotsav & Ashirwad on 9th May 2023


Mankuva - Navavas Mandir Patotsav was held on Tuesday 9 May 2023, marking 72 years since its establishment in 1951. Acharya Swamiji Maharaj made generous donations on behalf of Maninagar Shree Swaminarayan Gadi Sansthan to the village cattle sanctuary. A bhakti sangit evening was also held, during which santos and disciples of Kutch performed devotional songs to please the Lord.

The manifestation day of Nidar Sidhant-vadi Shree Ishwarcharandasji Swamibapa was also celebrated as part of the Mankuva - Navavas Mandir Patotsav. This year marks 156 years since our Ishwar Bapa manifested in the small village of Ashlali.

Vrushpur Patotsav - Sunday 7th May - Vaishakh Vad 2

Vrushpur Patotsav

Vrushpur - 64th Patotsav & Ashirwad on 7th May 2023


The patotsav ceremony of Vrushpur Mandir, the sacred pragatyadham of Shreeji-swayam Shree Abji Bapashree's pragatyadham, was celebrated on Sunday 7 May 2023. This year marked 64 years since its establishment.

Satsang Poshak Shibir Mandvi - Friday 5th May - Vaishakh Sud 15

Satsang Poshak Shibir Mandvi 2023

A 2 day shibir was held in Mandvi for the young disciples of the Kutch region on 5 and 6 May 2023. Acharya Swamiji Maharaj and sants presided over the daily rituals, pooja workshop sessions, and assemblies. A procession was also held from to the beach, where the ritual bathing of Shree Harikrishna Maharaj was performed. Shree Abji Bapashree ni Vato Jayanti was also celebrated, marking 117 years since Nidar Sidhant-vadi Shree Ishwar Bapa started to collate the discourses that Bapashree delivered, and subsequently gifted the Faith with this two volume scripture containing the true supremacy of Lord Shree Swaminarayan and His unsurpassed philosophy.

Bharasar Patotsav - Friday 5th May - Vaishakh Sud 15

Bharasar Patotsav

Bharasar - 56th Patotsav on 5th May 2023
Bharasar - 56th Patotsav Ashirwad on 5th May 2023

Bharasar Mandir Patotsav was held on 5 May 2023, marking 56 yeas since its establishment.

Bhuj Patotsav - Wednesday 3rd May - Vaishakh Sud 13

Bhuj Patotsav

Bhuj - Bhakti Sangeet on 30th April 2023
Bhuj - Bhakti Sangeet at Shree Swaminarayan Mandir Bhuj on 2nd May 2023

Bhuj - 61st Patotsav at Shree Swaminarayan Mandir Bhuj on 3rd May 2023


Bhuj Mandir patotsav was celebrated on Wednesday 3rd May 2023. This year marked 61 years since Gurudev Swamibapa installed the divine Murtis at the heart of Bhuj city.

Sukpar Patotsav - Saturday 29th April - Vaishakh Sud 9

Sukhpar Patotsav

Sukhpar - 9th Patotsav & Ashirwad on 29th April 2023


The next Mandir to hold the patotsav was in Sukhpur, on Saturday 29 April 2023. This year marks 9 years since Ved Ratna Acharya Swamishree Maharaj opened the Mandir. Next year’s 10 year anniversary celebrations were also announced by Acharya Swamiji Maharaj.

Gedi - Friday 28th April - Vaishakh Sud 8

Gedi Rapar

From Madhapar, Acharya Swamiji Maharaj went to the Rapar region of Kutch, where He toured many of the small villages, and visited the homes of disciples living there. A public assembly and scripture recital was held on Friday 28th April, in the village of Gedi.

Madhapar Patotsav - 27th April - Vaishakh Sud 7

Madhapar Patotsav

Madhapar - Vachanamrut Parayan & Ashirwad on 26th April 2023
Madhapar - 74th Patotsav & Ashirwad on 27th April 2023

Madhapar - Raas on 26th April 2023


The first Mandir under the auspices of Shree Swaminarayan Sidhant Sajivan Mandal was built in 1949, in the village of Madhapar. The 74th patotsav of Madhapar Mandir was celebrated on Thursday 27 April 2023. Next year marks 75 years since its establishment, and Acharya Swamiji Maharaj announced that the Amut Mahotav will be celebrated in a wonderful manner.

Book Opening - 23rd April - Vaishakh Sud 3

Book Opening

A special event was held on Sunday 23 April 2023, at the auditorium of Shree Muktajeevan Swamibapa Mahila Arts Commerce BCA College. During this event of many of the region’s eminent scholars and writers, a book was inaugurated by Acharya Swamiji Maharaj, in which the history of Kutch has been collated by eminent historian and professor of our Shree Swaminarayan Arts College, Shri Rizwan Kadri.

Naranpar Patotsav - 22 April - Vaishakh Sud 2

Naranpar Patotsav

Naranpur - Rasotsav on 20th April 2023
Naranpur - Vachanamrut & Swaminarayan Gadi Granth Parayan & Ashirwad on 20th April 2023

Naranpur - Vachanamrut Parayan & Ashirwad on 21st April 2023
Naranpur - Nrutya Natika on 21st April 2023

Naranpur - 66th Patotsav & Ashirwad on 22nd April 2023


On April 19th, Acharya Swamiji Maharaj departed from Maninagardham and commenced His vicharan of Kutch. During this time, disciples held scripture recitals of Rahasyarth Pradeepika Tika Sah Vachanamrut, Shree Swaminarayan Gadi Granth, Shree Abji Bapashree ni Vato Parts 1 and 2. Wherever Acharya Swamiji Maharaj went, He made numerous charitable donations to those in need, including charities helping the disabled, orphans, and poor sick people. Cattle was given fresh fodder on behalf of Maninagar Shree Swaminarayan Gadi Sansthan. Resources for clean drinking water were made where this was most needed; and schools were provided with vital amenities.

Shree Sadguru Din commemorations were held in Naranpur, on Thursday 20 April 2023. The patotsav of Naranpur Mandir was celebrated on Akha Trij – Saturday 22 April 2022, marking 66 years since the Mandir was first established in the village.