Monday 25 September 2023 | Bhadarva Sud 10/11, Samvat 2079

Mon 25 Sep 2023

To share important updates and news from Shree Swaminarayan Mandir Kingsbury, we will be starting an official WhatsApp/SMS (text) broadcast list.

We encourage everyone from Mandir to join this list, so we can all receive official, relevant and timely updates. The aim is to have every single member of the Mandir community on this list as soon as possible.

To register for this service, please fill out the form below.

All data will be managed in compliance with regulations and in accordance with the Mandir’s Data Protection Policy.

You can unsubscribe from the notifications at any time by sending UNSUBSCRIBE via WhatsApp or SMS from your registered mobile number. Alternatively send an email with the relevant number to